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                          WHAT BMC DOES

Banel Mossane Consultancy (BMC) is committed to offer Investigative and Due diligence services and assistance in Fraud prevention, Deterrence and Detection

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Breveté Officier de Police

       Judiciaire (OPJ)

Investigation & Fraud Prevention

   BMC offers following services:

  • Fraud Risks Prevention & Detection

  • Due Diligence & Background Checks

  • Fraud Risk Assessment

  • Fraud Risk Management

  • Investigation _internal, researches and verifications

  • Business Intelligence

  • Consulting

  • Training on fighting against fraud within small and large entities

                               Investigative & Due diligence Services

                                       BMC offers following services::

Pre-Employment Background Check

      BMC does comprehensive background checks on individuals being considered for employment positions in many territories within Africa

Criminal Record Check

      BMC performs criminal record checks for clients so as to ensure any party involved in any transaction has a clear record of honesty and integrity

Corporate Due Diligence

      BMC performs enhanced due diligence for clients who need detailed background information about companies. BMC is versed with FCPA requirements, UK bribery act, AML requirements and anti-bribery policies which assist the team to advise our clients on potential risks especially when dealing with foreign parties

Company Searches

      BMC does company searches in many jurisdictions in Africa. Details which are obtained across the various jurisdictions in Africa with regard to companies are:  -Full name of Company-Company 's number-Date of Incorporation-Status-Share capital-Directors' names/Shareholders and-trading activities

Litigation Check

      BMC provides civil and criminal court record searches to helping employers identify applicants with risky and excessive civil judgments. Also, when hiring suppliers and contractors, companies search civil court registry records to understand if there is a history of breaches

Credit Check

      BMC provides credit reports for individuals. Credit report offers insights into an applicant’s sense of financial track record and responsibility

Regulatory Agency Check

   BMC searches and confirms the identities of registered professionals and organizations with various regulatory bodies within Africa. These searches assist clients to know license status and validity of certificates of vendors and contractors

Verification services

      BMC verifies a host of various documents and details. Key elements offered under verification services include; verification of education certificates, National Identity cards/passports, Bank Account Numbers, employment history and legal documents

Insurance Claim Investigations

      BMC investigates insurance claims on behalf of insurance companies so as to avert fraudulent and malicious claims.

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