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Mamoudou's Profile

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

  Mamoudou Ndiaye, 


Managing Director  

Banel Mossance Consultancy

Dakar, Senegal, West Africa

He is a former military police personnel and former United Nations Civilian Staff, with extensive  experience in international criminal law, human rights litigation, and the interface between criminality and civic administration. He is Certified Fraud Examiner; Certified Member of the Council of International Investigators; Breveté Officier de Police Judiciaire. Owner of ‘’BANEL MOSSANCE CONSULTANCY’’ specialised in Fraud Risk Prevention & Investigation

He is holding: - Maitrise Es Sciences Juridiques at Dakar University; Master Degree in Social Sciences HRPD at Guru Gobing Singh Indraprastah University New Delhi India & - Second Year University in Political Science at Gaston Berger Saint-Louis Sénégal

 Relevant Publications:

  • Confronting Crime Networks in Dakar Sénégal -'lSS POLICY BRIEF 65/OCTOBER 2014, Paper accessible at

  • ‘’ Results and Conclusions of Criminal Governance in Dakar Sénégal, Paper accessible at -The lnternational Councilor Winter 2016

  • Cyber criminalite: Nous sommes la clé de notre propre vulnérabilité: VoxPop No:726 Samedi 25/mai 2019 page 4

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